Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 3 & 4 - Playing Catch up and Music???

I didn't post about Day 3 of the Kids week Challenge yesterday, because I couldn't.  I couldn't because my stupid eyes were glued together!!!  Urghhhhhh......just when I thought I'd kicked the god-awful virus I had, I get some form of Conjunctivitis - mmmmmm, tasty.

Anywho - I did do some sewing yesterday - I finished off the new playsuit pattern I had started the day before!  This is it:

Another Christmas present marked off my list!  
 Day 4 - Today - was taken up mostly with sewing for my Out To Sea Market Night, which is only a week away!  But at 4.30pm I was racking my brain as to what I could make for one of the kids......and I remembered this gorgeous purple fabric, which I bought a long time ago to make a dress for purple loving Chloe.  So I whipped this little number up!  Honestly, peasant style dresses are so quick and easy - and a winner!  I've got enough of this fabric left for another dress, so am thinking I will be doing a give-away......
Isn't she lovely?

And just for your entertainment, I will share this little gem with you.....

I innocently went out to check the mail box today and found a little bubble wrap package and thought "WTF?".  Then I opened it and really thought "WTF?"!!!  I literally laughed out loud and thought someone was playing a joke on me - given my enthusiasm for the trilogy of above pictured books!  But no - I had won a CD!  I have obviously entered a competition at some stage on Mamma Mia, and was graciously gifted this lovely CD of CLASSICAL MUSIC!  Somehow I don't think it will have the same effect playing it in our little old bedroom compared to Mr Grey's playroom?!?!

Been sewing lately?  Or playing classical music in the boudoir??

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  1. I love that butterfly fabric, such a cute little dress :) Also LOVE the racer back romper!!!
    I've been getting a fair bit of sewing done lately... which is always a good thing! I just finished a sweet little bonnet & am now working on the tutorial to go with it. Can't wait to share it :)


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