Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Night Boogie - Kid's Edition

I have been a good cricket wife this evening and spent time down at the club with the husband and kids.  It really does not get any easier.  This will be my 11th season as a "cricket widow" and it still sucks the big one.  Anyway, I'm home now - so what better way to spend the remainder of my Saturday evening than looking up Youtube clips???  That's right - I'm linking up with Little White Dove's Saturday Night Bloggers Boogie!  Tonight is brought to you by - my children.  Yep - the songs that are loved by them......

I'm sorry.  I really am.  Because if you play this you may very well have it stuck in your head for days.  Like Me.  A strange thing happened this week.  Mr Psy (yep, that's his name) was on X Factor here in Australia and I kacked myself through his whole performance.  I could actually see that he didn't take himself too seriously, which appeals to me.  The film clip is even funnier.  My kids love it.

This delightful little fella won X Factor last year.  I love the gap in his teeth.  I have a feeling that one day Chelsea will admit to loving him too - for now she will just say she likes the song!

Chloe LOVES this song!  (So do I ssshhhh).  We were in the car a while back and I asked her who sung this song, and she replied "Maybe".  We went back and forth a bit and then the chorus came on and Chloe yells "See Mum, I told you her name was Maybe"........

One of Chelsea's all time fav's.  This tune was on repeat a couple of years ago, after Chelsea decided she would sing it for her school's version of "Australian Idol".  She knocked it out of the park school!  

And that's all I've got for you right now - basically because all the kids are asleep and I can't ask them for the fifth!!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend?

Little White Dove

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