Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Would Say

Some people would say I am a sucker for punishment.  At times, I think I would agree with them!  Often when I think my plate can't get any fuller, it overflows.  Last Friday, I was reminded by my 14 year old that we had a Japanese student arriving today......For a split second, panic set in, but then moved along.  Until the same 14 year old told me he'd left all the information regarding said Japanese student in his locker at school.

After a quick phone call to the school late Friday afternoon, another quick phone call to the Japanese co-ordinator that evening and a fairly limited email of information close to midnight, I let it be and accepted that I would be a little unprepared for our visitor.

Fast forward to today.......  A quick re-shuffle of my work day meant that I was only five minutes late to pick him up from school - and an instant smile and a long thought out answer of "I'm good" from him meant we would be A-OK!

We have only had two weeks notice for this visit.  You see, the Australian and Japanese governments are working together to bring out these kids for an Australian experience.  This group of children are from the Minami Sanriku area in Japan.  Their town and surrounding areas were flattened by the tsunami a couple of years ago, so many of the children have lost everything.  I didn't think twice when the information came home asking for host families.

We've had conversations, albeit very quick ones, with our children about what our visitor may have been through, and I followed our Japanese co-ordinators advice and googled the town.  I was speechless.

Sooooo, it is with much pride and happiness that I have watched and listened to my children this afternoon and evening, communicating with Ryuoto (pronounced Rio-toe).  Playing Wii with him - which he told us he was very good at, and then proved it very quickly!  They've taken him over to the local park and are now sitting with him watching tv.  He loved my cooking - telling me very clearly that my roast beef was delicious!  He can stay.....

This is the third time we have had a Japanese student stay with us, and although the first experience was extremely difficult and could have quite easily put us off ever hosting again, the second time was a breeze and joy!  I am so glad that my kids are so accepting and willing to go out of their way to make someone feel so welcome.  I think by the time all four of them have made it through high school, we could have a dozen or so extra children all over the world!

Google translater getting a run for its money.....
And the universal language of gaming......Bless.

Tell me - have you ever had an international student stay with you?  Would you?  Could you?


  1. Awesome Midge! Well done on doing something wonderful and raising special kids who will have a better appreciation of other cultures! I hope he enjoys the break :)

  2. One day we will have Japanese students!! And I hope French :)

  3. What a great experience for you all! Well done.

  4. How awesome! We haven't (kids are a bit small) but I'd certainly like to once they're high school age, especially if they do languages!


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