Sunday, February 26, 2012

24. 25. 26.

Day 24 - Inside my bathroom cabinet.
Self explanatory really.  But I will explain anyway.  This is a family of six's bathroom requirements all stuffed in to one small bathroom cupboard.  Why?  Because our other little bathroom does not have any power points!  And it's in the laundry.  And I think everyone forgets we have a second bathroom, until I'm sitting on the toilet and the door flies open and a child jiggles up and down, round and round because "I'M BUSTING MUMMMMMMM!".  And I remind them there is another toilet a matter of seconds away.....
Day 25 - Green. 
Camilia Leaves.  My favourite kind of green.  You can see the couple of yellow leaves peeking out, reminding me that although Melbourne's seasons are completely up shit creek at the moment, Autumn WILL still arrive, and then Winter WILL blow in with all its might!

Day 26 - Night.
 Yep, the sky at 8pm on a very hot Melbourne night.  Still plenty of sunlight, melted in to the clouds that are becoming more menacing each hour.  We took the kids out for a surprise tonight, to Cold Rock Ice Creamery.  And on the way home, at 7.30, Chloe proclaims it's getting late.  I think it had more to do with being tired than the actual visual cues a three year old would look for.  Oh Summer, how I will  miss you. I know before too long, everyone will be locked inside past 4pm for fear of catching the death of cold!

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