Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Do I Blog?

Today I'm joining up with Eden Riley and The Fresh Horses Brigade.  And I'm going to try my hardest to come up with answer to this question.

I started blogging a few years ago, just because.  Just because I have always loved writing, and also because I had quite  a number of people who thought I had something worth reading through my personal ramblings on Facebook.  So I thought I would give it a crack.  It's been a bit on and off, but over the last year, I have made a concerted effort to post regularly.  I'm sticking to my aim so far this year.  You are probably getting sick of hearing from me!

My blog has been a place where I could come and write out my feelings.  Whether they be good or bad.  I have been able to vent about things that shit me.  Throw ideas around about my little business.  And it's also been a place I can cheer on the champion moments in my life.  It's my little place.

It's no surprise that Eden from Edenland is one of my fave blogs to read.  It's not so much that I can relate to Eden, but the way she speaks so openly about her battles helps me, somewhat, to try and understand the battles my sister and friend go through, living with Bipolar.  Thanks Eden!

Mrs Woog, another no-brainer.  Keeps me highly amused, and is VERY relatable when it comes to motherhood.  She also has a wide variety of blogging friends, which means I get pointed to reading a wide variety of good quality stuff!

The third of my blogs I love to read and look forward to getting mail from is Jules from The Intrepid Thread.  I feel like I have gotten to know Jewel a bit over the past six months.  You see, Jewel is my secret weapon (well, not anymore!) in finding amazing fabrics.  She is SUPER helpful, does great deals, and always wraps my fabric beautifully!  I found Jewel on Etsy, but am kept up to date religiously through her blog, and she has lots of great friends who share ideas too!

So that's me.  Blogger me.  I used to be a bit embarrassed by the fact that I blogged.  I never shared the links to my posts.  But not anymore.  The turning point was when I wrote this.  And posted the link on my personal Facebook page.  And couldn't keep up with the feedback that flowed in.  I was able to change people's perception about something.  So it was worth it.

Feel free to tell me about YOU.  Do you blog?  And if you don't - why do you read blogs?  Most importantly, why do you read MY blog?  xxx

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

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