Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day to Day

This Photo A Day Challenge is keeping me on my toes!  I remembered late last night that I needed to take Day 3's today I have two to share....

Day 3 - Hands
 Surprisingly - I have not had a good look at my hands lately - have You?  I painted my fingernails last night, to cover the fact that it is almost time for me to get the gel overlays refilled.  I found after demolishing biting my nails for years, when they did grow back, they were frail and did not take well to the daily beatings they were receiving in my line of work - both paid and unpaid.  So I took the plunge and had gel overlays put on, and they now look remarkably well looked after!  I only have little hands, which is very strange considering my Mum has rather big hands, and I have taken after her in so many other aspects of my genetic make up.  I would love an "eternity ring" - but my husband laughs and asks where I am going to fit it given my wedding and engagement rings only just fit on my finger!

Day 4 - A Stranger
I didn't really cross paths with any strangers today, but when out at my veggie patch earlier, I noticed a stranger had been to visit.  Some nasty little sucker is getting in to my tomatoes!  The vines have taken approximately four months (!) to grow crazily and are now laden with fruit.  But these pesky little poops are chomping in to my produce.  Any ideas what could be the culprit?

And just a side-note........ I read Mrs Woog's blog post today, as I do most days, and was filled with emotion.  Her Father-in law, whom shall now be known as the amazingly insightful Dr Woog, wrote his thoughts on friendship.  It is a beautiful piece of writing, and mirrors the feelings I have for a wonderful circle of friends I have.  I've written before about how blessed and lucky I feel to have the beautiful friends I have in my life.  So I'll say it again.  Thank you dear friends - for without you, at times, I would be lost. xxxx

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