Monday, February 20, 2012

More Photos!

Day 19 - Something You hate to do.
Speaks for itself.  Ironing. Yucko!  And of course everyone should have their ironing balancing on a keyboard on top of the bar that never actually gets used as a bar?  That's normal yeh?  It's there because I was doing the other task I HATE with a passion - folding clothes and putting them in the never ending piles that my family then go and spread all over their room or stuff in to drawers, making the task of folding non-existent.  At least I do not HAVE to iron these days.  My dear husband irons his own work shirts, of which he has to wear  I will iron his work pants - only so he doesn't walk around with "tram tracks" on his pants!

Day 20 - My Handwriting 

 Urghhhhh!  I thought if I sat down and wrote something I'd be faking it!  So I found some scribble on a piece of paper here on the desk.  Very topical information!  Still haven't rung them, and still yet to block the internet on said phone!  My handwriting changes every paragraph I write.  I notice this especially at work, where we have a "communication book" for staff to write information to each other.  One day my writing will look like it does above.  The next it will be full of swirls and fun.  Multiple writing personality disorder.....

As we head way too quickly towards the end of February (!), let it be known that Fat Mum Slim has posted her challenge for March Photo-A-Day!  So if you haven't gotten around to joining in so far this year - there's always next month!

What do you hate doing?  Is ironing the bane of all women's lives?  Or just my lazy self!

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