Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frickin Fours

As I type, I'm trying to take deep breaths and resist the urge to scream.  I have just put Chloe (3.5 years old) in to her bed and told her to calm down.  Prior to this, I listened to five minutes of screaming from her.  

And now - silence.  And waiting.  Yep, spoke too soon.  She's moved on to crying.  Some days I think my head is going to explode.

The public consensus is that it's the Terrible Two's parents have to prepare themselves for.  But in this household, it's Frickin Fours.  And it seems this final instalment in my parenting schedule is kicking in early.  My child is turning into the she-devil.

Attributes of a parent child inflicted with the Frickin Fours can include screaming and crying for no reason, screaming and crying for any reason, screaming and crying because you're telling them to stop screaming and crying.  Annoying their older siblings, and trying to get their own way, because for the past few years, said older siblings have given in to child because they were so cute.  No, no, no and more no!  Jumping on the spot yelling no!  Spinning round in circles - yelling no!  You get the picture....

My delicate little flower of a child has turned.  She has more personality than any of my older children had at this age, and she uses it to her advantage.  And I'm spent....

How does a child go from this:

To this?

Picture from

In a matter of seconds....

And just to throw me right off the the time it has taken me to write this post....she has gone to sleep, in her bed, during daylight hours - for the first time in about a year!!!  I give up......

What has been the hardest age so far in your parenting?

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