Monday, February 6, 2012

Love, love, love...

I love my husband.  I do!  I really really love him.  At times, I wonder if there are other people who love their partners as much as I love mine?  I know - soppy huh?

Why am I blabbing about love tonight?  Well - just as the kids were getting ready to go to bed tonight, my hubby and I were having a kiss and cuddle and my eight year old daughter was very amusing.  She got all funny and was laughing, then closed the door on us!  I was laughing and said to him "We are going to be very embarrassing to them when they are teenagers".......

Whilst I don't want to have huge public displays of affection all day long, for our kids (or anyone else) to see - I love the fact that they know we love each other.  I like to think that it makes them feel safe.  That their parents are a tight unit.  One that will always be there for them, for our family.  

Whilst my memories of my parents as a child aren't really clear, I don't really recall seeing them "lovey dovey".  I certainly don't remember ever being embarrassed by their displays of affection, so I'm thinking there weren't any/many!  Which would probably make a bit of sense considering they split before I hit the teenage years.  So if I can leave my children with memories of their parents still being madly in love after ten years of being together, I think that's ok?

The latest (albeit blurry) iPhone snap of us out together on the weekend xx

What I got up to today in between swimming lessons, play date, uniform shop duty and basketball training!
 Crayon Rolls for a customer.  Love my Instagram app!

Day 4 - Dinner - Love tacos!
Lastly - my day four of Photo-A-Day-Challenge - Dinner.  Monday nights are always a tricky one for dinner.  Basketball training goes from 5pm-6pm.  We usually eat at 5.30/6pm.  I decided at approximately 2pm today that we would have tacos.  It's a no-brainer.  EVERYONE, yes all six members of this family, will eat tacos!  So I cooked the meat up before training, and when we raced in the door at 6.15, it was re-heated and devoured!

What is a sure-fire dinner in your household?


  1. Yes taco's are a hit here too and great for a quick, fairly nutritious dinner. Fried rice with chicken is also a winner and great to prepare earlier in the day and reheat. Whu-luh!

  2. Oooh! Fried Rice with Chicken!?!?!? Yummo!!

  3. To answer your first ?, yes!!! I love my husband, really, really love him :) Every day of our 27 years has been a great day with him! Carry on, you are blessed, and your children will learn well from your example of true affection and love! :) (we do nachos more than tacos;)


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