Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February - done and dusted

February - you have been a fabulous month!  And it's been great taking part in the Photo A Day Challenge!  But today marks the end.....

Day 27 - Something I've Eaten
 Not a hard one......I eat chocolate  I don't gorge myself on it, I actually have very good self control.  One to two bars of a family size block every day.  About an hour after lunch.  It gets me through the rest of the day......

Day 28 - Money
I worked today.....and had the terrible job of going to Ikea to purchase a piece of furniture for a resident.  It was such a difficult task.  All that wondering around the massive new Springvale store.  Gazing at all the shiny things.  And even the not so shiny things.  My eyes were glazed over by the time I reached the checkout.  But I showed amazing restraint, and only spent $30.98.  My husband is astounded......

Day 29 - Music I'm listening to
The kids received $200 worth of iTunes vouchers collectively over Christmas.  Crying shame.  The result of this was an influx of great new music.  Lucky for us, the 13 year old has fabulous taste in tunes.  My favourite at the moment, and the song I always start with when beginning my sewing days, is Florence and The Machine's "Shake It Out".  It gets things moving.

Tomorrow, March 2012.  WOW.  How did that happen? 

Tomorrow brings Fat Mum Slim's March Photo A Day to life.  Are you joining in?

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